This brief history of our lodge is adapted from

                  "Lodge Scotia Glasgow No. 178:

                           The First 200 Years" 


                             Bro. William D. Morrison, P.M. 




 Lodge St. Patrick No.239 was originally chartered on 5th

 March 1791,and our first regalia was black with red and

 blue chequered edging, including similar coloured

 sashes. There were nine Founder Office Bearers, vis:

 Master; Depute Master; Secretary; Treasurer, Senior

 Warden; Junior Warden; Senior Steward; Junior Steward &



 Our number was changed to 178 during a general revision

 of the lodges then on the roll of the Grand Lodge of

 Scotland in 1816, while our name was changed to Scotia

 on 3rd. August 1863. Our colours became those presently

 in use during April 1865, and we discontinued the use of

 sashes in 1912.


 During the Nineteenth Century, it was not uncommon for

 multiple degrees to be worked, and this practice was

 particularly highlighted in March 1871 when four

 separate degrees were conferred during one meeting.


 From the outset, we met on second Wednesdays of each

 month, and this continued until September 1894 when

 we moved to Tuesdays, and finally, during 1945, changed

 to the present format of meeting on second and fourth

 Tuesdays, with a summer recess included for the first



 Until 1912, the tenure of R.W.M. was entirely at the

 whim of the brethren, but from that year onwards, it

 was set at one year only.


 Our present meeting place, erected in 1894, is the

 oldest purpose-built Masonic Temple in use throughout

 the West of Scotland, and is probably only headed in

 seniority throughout Scotland by Lodge Dalkeith

 KilwinningLodge Fortrose and Lodge Trafalgar's

 respective premises...... although I look forward to

 hearing otherwise from visitors to this site!


 To commemorate our Bi-Centenary, Glasgow City Council

 honoured us with a Civic Reception within the City

 Chambers on 5th. March 1991, to which 400 people,

 including guests and brethren, were invited.


                   ©  Bro. William D. Morrison, P.M.








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