Lodge chartered.


 RWM: Patrick Nugent


 Monarch: King George lll


 Prime Minister: William Pitt "The Younger"


 US President: George Washington


 Robert Burns is 32 years old


 Brandenburg Gate completed in Berlin


 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dies


 French Royal Family captured during

 the French Revolution


 'The Observer', Britain's first Sunday

  newspaper published


 Charles Babbage, British mathematician

 and inventor born



 Our Centenary Year.


 RWM: William T. Paterson


 Monarch: Queen Victoria


 Prime MinisterRobert Arthur Talbot

                        Gascoyne - Cecil, 3rd.

                        Marquess Of Salisbury


 US President: Benjamin Harrison


 Thomas Edison patents the radio


 Carnegie Hall in New York opens


 Wrigley chewing gum company founded

 in Chicago


 Swiss Army Knife developed


 Composer / songwriter Cole Porter born


 First ever Scottish League Championship

 shared by Rangers & Dumbarton


 Hearts win Scottish Cup


 Everton win English League Championship


 Blackburn Rovers win the FA Cup



 Our 178th Anniversary.


 RWM: Harry Baxter


 Monarch: Queen Elizabeth ll


 Prime Minister: Harold Wilson


 US President: Richard Nixon


 Neil Armstrong becomes the first man

 to walk on the Moon


 The "Ha'penny" ceases to be legal tender

 in the UK


 First Concorde test flight


 The Boeing 747's maiden commercial flight


 Celtic win Scottish League Championship


 Celtic win Scottish Cup


 Leeds United win English League



 Manchester City win the FA Cup



 Our Bicentennial Year.


 RWM: Alan McCreadie


 Monarch: Queen Elizabeth ll


 Prime Minister: John Major


 US President: George H.W. Bush


 First Gulf War


 Collapse of the Soviet Union


 Body of media tycoon Robert Maxwell

 found overboard in the Atlantic Ocean


 Terry Waite freed in Lebanon


 Freddie Mercury dies


 Rangers win Scottish League Championship


 Motherwell win Scottish Cup


 Arsenal win the English League



 Tottenham Hotspur win the FA Cup 



Our 225th Anniversary.

RWM: Stuart Campbell

 Monarch: Queen Elizabeth ll

UK votes to leave the European Union